Who We Are

Passionate people that love to create experiences through sound and energy.

We get the perfect underground electronic music and mix with visuals, new ideas and psychedelic patterns. 

Based in Sydney, Australia since 2018, running events since 2014, we are an entertainment agency that explores all the music industry aspects to deliver the best experience to our family.

Our Story

Many years of dance floor.

Even though the brand is relatively new, the people running behind the scenes have years of experience and are focused in delivering a top-knot music and experience to every event.

The dancers are the energy; the dancers are the key…

Our Mission

Our goal is to bring feelings and sounds to create experiences that will last forever.

We believe that the most important ingredient in a party are the participants, everyone is a part of it, everyone makes the Gathering!

As long as we have such a collective energy, living and experience, with each edition our Gathering will be more magical and unique than the last.

Life is like riding a bicycle; to keep your balance, you must keep moving.

“Albert Einstein”

The place to be.

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More than 480 tracks and 60 Hours of Music

About Us

Victor Mazzei

CEO / Director


Bookings & Casting

Joe Corradi


Gui Abbate

Graphic Designer

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