Organismo is a psychedelic maze, unpredictable like a living being made of sound waves. Mind blowing synth noises, deeply emotional breaks followed by unforgettable drops over layered by the hypnotic sound of the transversal flute played live. Driven by Gui Abbate (aka Provoke) from Brazil, who started messing with CDJs back in 2007 and had his first contact with a Microkorg synthesiser at the end of the same year. He has already performed alongside artists as Ryanosaurus, Ital, Whiptongue, Pspiralife, Minimal Criminal, Tetrameth, Psychowave, Necropsycho and Via Axis. After more than 10 years experimenting every sort of psychedelic music, either at mixer knobs or synth keys, he will bring to your ears an immersive experience throughout the deepest states of mind.