Puzzledrop is a PSY-PROG | OFF-BEAT | PROGRESSIVE PSYTRANCE Act from São Paulo, Brazil, based in Sydney, Australia. It stands for high-energy beats, powerful driving basslines and, hard leads. It is the new project of Victor Mazzei (Amazzonix), events producer and psytrance DJ @ Geometric Sounds. With a bunch of unique sounds with a fusion of all his musical influences., you can expect a wide range of emotions and technical skills, which will take you to a new state of progressive and deep groove sound. His sound will send you to the deep spheres of Psytrance and take you to these parallel dimensions. Supported artists such as Ace Ventura, Rinkadink, Phaxe, Neelix, Tetrameth, Ryanosaurus, and many others.    

📍SYDNEY – AUSTRALIA – from São Paulo, Brazil